Finding Your Dream Rental Home Can Be Difficult In This Hot Market

Finding your dream rental home can be difficult in this hot market. Looking for something that fits your budget, location and lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming. It’s not as simple as running over to an apartment community and leasing a unit where you have multiple identical options to choose from. Families choose a rental home because they are looking for something that fits their unique needs and individualized wants. There are so many options in the rental market today. Finding your ideal rental and knowing where to look can be overwhelming. Homes move fast. How can you set yourself apart from the other applicants? Where do you start?

Online rental sites are great places to start your search. Many offer advanced options to help you quickly locate the perfect home for you based on the specific data you provide. While these sites are easy to use and bring a time saving value, you need to be careful. Rental scamming is prevalent. An easy way to avoid this is to work with a reputable property management firm. You can bypass any scammer by looking through the site of a legitimate property management company and their listings for rent. Many include photos and video tours of the home to maximize your virtual viewing options. If you need to schedule a tour to see a property in person, a knowledgeable professional is there to meet your at the property.
Now you’ve found your dream rental and when you arrive to view it, there is a line out the door to see it. How can you set yourself apart and gain an advantage over the other applicants? Here are 5 tips for elevate yourself to your potential landlord.

Do you have your Rental Resume’?
Get a rental resume’ together. Applying for a rental home can be as competitive as landing your dream job. The application process should be approached like that too. Landlords and property managers always conduct thorough tenant screening that includes background and credit checks. A rental resume’ can help you stand out with information about yourself and shows professionalism and the responsibility to go above and beyond. You can find templates on line to help!

Come with your paperwork filled out.
You need to be prepared to move quickly if you like what you see. It shows you’ve done your homework and are a serious applicant. Fill out the application ahead of time and make sure you’ve taken care of verification details like your record of employment and credit score. Many landlords won’t even schedule a viewing until they know you’ve me their minimum criteria of credit score and income required.

How stable is your job?
Try not to go hunting for your new rental while between jobs; the stability of your employment and ability to pay your bills, especially your rent, will be scrutinized by your prospective property manager.

Have you checked your credit score lately?
Make sure your credit score is in the best possible condition before you start looking for a rental home. A property manager or landlord will use this number as a clear indicator of your ability to pay rent on time. It is usually the deciding factor. Order your credit report and take the opportunity to correct and discrepancies or potential issues.

Be prepared to pay more if you have a credit issue.
Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes offering to pay more than first and last months rent may put you ahead of other applicants. This can be an effective way to offset a less than ideal credit score. Sometimes this can be taken into consideration and can level the playing field with a property manager.

Remember, it is the goal of every landlord or property manager to find someone they are comfortable with living at their rental and they don’t feel they may need to chase down for rent or possibly damage the property.

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